Sheila Timm

First post: Aug 31, 2020 Latest post: Nov 22, 2020
Welcome to Sheila’s Caring Bridge site, we are using it to keep Family and Friends up to date on how she is doing on her Road to Recovery.  Sheila has been on a significant health journey for the last 4-5 years.  It started with auto-immune psoriasis (covered 90% of her body)and psoriatic arthritis that thankfully with some good treatment at BJC went into remission and just has minor flare ups today.  Shortly there after she began to lose weight and just did not feel very good.  Some basic blood work indicated elevated liver enzymes and she was diagnosed with  a “Fatty Liver” condition.  As time went on periodic blood work showed the liver enzymes tended to fluctuate from normal to high so it was something to keep an eye on. In April of 2018, she again just did not feel very good, some additional test were done and it was determined she had some significant liver disease.  However, her lab and blood work would again fluctuate from pretty normal to elevated from time to time.  We continued to keep an eye on it with the help of her Liver Team at Wash U and BJC.   Then Aug of 2019 all heck kind of broke loose!!  Sheila was diagnose with a re-occurrence of breast cancer, her first occurrence was 19 years ago.  This one was too caught very early and could be cured with a mastectomy, tough news but she is a tough lady.  On the same day that she met with the breast surgeon she had a major stomach bleed that dropped her hemoglobin to 4.0 (she had lost nearly half her blood).  It took about a week in the hospital to get her levels back to an acceptable place,  she went home to prepare for the mastectomy.  As she prepared for the mastectomy she had an another liver event that postponed it for 45 days until early Nov. when she was once again “Cancer Free”!!   We spent the winter/spring trying to stay away from COVID, which we did successfully!!  Then July and Aug have been filled with several “liver events” that have caused her levels to elevate to a place where a liver transplant is now in play.  We quickly came back to StL from Telluride the last week of Aug where we have been going through the Transplant protocol/evaluation at the BJC Transplant center.  We are told she should be listed on Sept 1st and given her labs should be pretty high  on the list.  We are looking forward to the transplant and a new life for Sheila where she actually feels Good!  We are asking for prayers focused on PSP;  Patience while we wait for a new liver, Strength to get through the surgery and recovery and Peace for us but especially for the family of the donor that will lose a Loved One in order for Sheila to have a New Life!!   We very much appreciate your prayers, support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting Sheila’s site!!!