Sheila King

First post: Dec 5, 2019 Latest post: Apr 13, 2023
Below is a background and overview on what all has happened.....for the latest updates and journal entries, MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN and look for the section titled "Newest Update".

I've been feeling sick for about a month (stomach problems).  On November 25, I had an ultrasound, followed by a CT scan later in the day.  2 large masses were discovered, on either side of my uterus.  They also discovered spots on my liver.  We met with an oncologist at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) on Friday, November 29.  He confirmed that the masses were cancerous.  We returned to Mayo on December 2, for an MRI, followed by liver biopsies on December 3.  We're waiting for final pathology reports, but we now have confirmation that the liver spots are also cancerous.  Those cancer cells appear to have started somewhere in my GI tract.  I had a "clear" colonoscopy in late August, so we're now waiting for more information.  We'll be meeting with a GI oncologist at Mayo, but don't have that appointment confirmed yet.  The 1st part of treatment will likely involve chemo, prior to surgery to remove the masses.  

Please pray for strength and healing for me; wisdom for my medical team; and peace for my family.