Shay Tilander

First post: Nov 8, 2020 Latest post: Dec 16, 2022
In October 2020 Shay was diagnosed with stage four Osteosarcoma of his scapula with lung metastasis. After months of intensive in-patient chemotherapy treatments at Regions to shrink the mass in his shoulder, he had major surgery to remove the mass in March 2021. He began physical therapy shortly after his scapulectomy and returned to Regions for completion of Osteosarcoma MAP protocol.  In August 2021 he had VATS and returned to PT shortly after his recovery.  In November 2021 he began ETOP/IFOS but that ended in March 2022 after scans showed it wasn't working, so a month later he returned to Regions for another VATS and in May visited Lakeview for infusions of Gemcitabine/Taxotere. A visit to Lakeview ER in June showed the chemo was ineffective and so we pivoted to the University of Minnesota for hyper-fractionated radiation late June and early July. He began immunotherapy at that time and once radiation was complete, he started Cabozantinib but was back in the ER at Lakeview in July after his lung collapsed. We returned to Regions for VATS in August to take care of the pneumothorax. A September scan showed areas of recurrence. We eagerly await for some answers from our team of experts - some of the top osteosarcoma cancer care specialists in the Midwest. Thank you to all the special folks at Lakeview,  Regions, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic and University Minnesota who are continually in our corner. We continue to press on with everything we've got and pray each day that the cancer goes away. We appreciate all the love, understanding and support from friends, loved ones and the community on this journey. #ShayStrong