Shari Nowak

First post: Aug 23, 2022 Latest post: Sep 12, 2022
 On Sunday Shari and Linda were cleaning the turtle tank yesterday when Shari started feeling weird. She said something was wrong. Linda called 911 and after being transported to the hospital, it was confirmed that she had a hemorratic stroke. wentWhile at Mercy they confirmed blood on the brain. They then sent her to United in St. Paul. She had emergency surgery Sunday night and they stopped the bleed. She still has a tube in to drain the blood. She was on a ventilator and sedated yesterday so we didn’t get to talk at all to her..

On Monday Shari was off the vent and talking (they originally said it would be a few days.) The nurse said she needs to rest so the brain can heal. She is not out of the woods but good signs so far. The blood needs to fully drain and she needs to be monitored for Vasil spasms. She will be here for at least 21 days.

Linda spoke to the Nurse practitioner who said there is a 90% chance Shari will have a Vasil spasm which can cause another stroke. The blood in her brain irritates the blood vessels and causes them to spasm which can shrink the vessel and cause a stroke. The fact she can talk and move now does not guarantee this will be the end result. They have to monitor closely for this. She said the 7-14 day mark is where they see this happen more often. 

Shari is the wife of Linda and mom to twin boys, Blake and Ben. 
There is a GoFundMe if you would like to donate.
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