Shane Dold

First post: Feb 12, 2019 Latest post: Mar 2, 2019
On Friday February 8th at about noon Shane was on I-94 in Wisconsin on his way home from a long 2-week stretch of work. He got into a horrible car accident. He was intubated on scene and air-lifted to Region's Hospital in St. Paul. They brought him into emergency surgery after a quick scan that informed them his brain was swelling and bleeding. They did a craniotomy (bone flap is removed temporarily from the skull) to assess the bleeding and to allow his brain to swell. The bone flap will eventually be replaced. They placed drainage tubes as well as a intraventricular catheter to monitor his brain swelling. They saw on the scan that he also had blood in his abdomen. They did exploratory surgery and found that his spleen had ruptured so they stitched that up. Shane's left wrist is broken as well as his left femur. Shane's left eye is very swollen and black and blue and sustained a very hard hit. He has stitches on the side of both his eyes. Shane is heavily sedated and on the ventilator as well as on life support so his brain and body can rest so he can heal. Shane is a fighter and that's a good thing because he has a very long fight ahead of him. Shane was in VERY critical condition and his family got a very heartbreaking and horrible prognosis from the doctor's and neurosurgeon. Shane is proving them wrong of course cuz he is a ROCKSTAR! Prayers for Shane for a full recovery and also for his family and friends who are devastated. Please for the sake of Shane and his well being, his family would like to be contacted before anyone goes to visit him and if you have ANY symptoms of illness DO NOT go see Shane. Nathan, Shane's brother can be contacted at 763.447.0822. Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and comments. Someone will be reading him all your comments daily. Thank you so much from Shane's Family and Friends ♡