Shack (A.L.) Shackelford

First post: Oct 11, 2022 Latest post: Feb 3, 2023
Shack was diagnosed with cancer on July 20, 2021.  After lots of scans and test the diagnosed was Agent Orange influenced Prostate cancer that had spread to the bones, (ankle, hips, pelvis, spine, ribs, and shoulder) and then months later the liver.  Agent Orange influenced cancer is  very aggressive and very hard to treat (Shack has an existing heart condition that is also related to Agent Orange). The past year has been a battle but Shack remains hopeful in God's plan for his life.   Since his diagnosis He celebrated is 80th birthday with half the city of Chandler, walked a 5K,  and  been able to take a trips to Tennessee and Hawaii as well as continue to visit with friends and family.