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Seth Garner Is both a nurse practitioner and a chiropractor that has been practicing in Northwest Arkansas for over 20 years. He loves taking care of people, and continued doing so despite the risks he faced daily due to the pandemic. Unfortunately Seth fell prey to the dangers that healthcare workers face daily, and he tested positive for Covid on February 9. Within two days of being tested, he had to be admitted to the hospital and placed in ICU after he developed severe COVID pneumonia. After his 3rd day in ICU, Seth was still unable to fight the infection on his own, so he was placed on a ventilator in an effort to allow his body to rest and use all his energy towards helping his body fight the infection. The following day he qualified for possible treatment using an ECMO machine (which is a device that basically can do the job of the lungs, and is able to clean blood ridding it of Co2 and putting O2 back in, furthering his bodys ability to save even more energy in hopes that it will aid in fighting off the infection and eventually allow his lungs to hopefully start healing. Wednesday night Seth was life flighted to a facility that had an ECMO available, St. Vincent Hospital in Little Rock. He is currently still in ICU where he continues to be treated on a ventilator awaiting the doctors to determine if and when he will be placed on the ECMO. He has been in ICU since February 11. The doctors expect him to be there for quite some time due to the severity of his pneumonia , and his recovery will take months at best for him to fully heal his lungs. Seth is married to Jessie and they have three children. Without him, their small business cannot continue. His practice of 20 years is the only income source for the family, and with his absence it has been forced to “temporarily” shut down until he can return to work. That coupled with an undetermined amount of time it will take for him to recover, inevitably it will create a huge financial burden for his family. Seth is married to Jessie Garner, they have three children and have been lifelong residents of NW Arkansas.  To help cover hospital bills, their loss of income, and travel expenses for the family to travel back and forth to Little Rock while he recovers please donate anything to get them through this time.