Hope Funds for Hope’s second chance! FundsforHope

Hope escaped being owned as “property” by a very dangerous gang -  responsible for human trafficking and murders, she had very little time but fled for her life. 

Any amount will help towards  Hope build a new safe life for her and her child.  Funds must immediately  be raised for a moving company, to go to her old residence within 2 weeks and move everything to a storage facility/unit- or it will be gone.

She’s begging for any help anyone can give- (1/2k) to pay a moving company to retrieve whatever belongings are in the old residence that are not ruined, stolen etc. that belonged to her and her child- There is less than a two week timeframe to meet this goal. ‘Or they lose everything they’ve ever had. Please contribute and share, please. 🙏❤️ 

She requested I note that she is humbly asking, and praying , and deeply pleading  for 5K in donations by November first - From anyone who can contribute- as she will be completely homeless  without resources (housing wait is long and time to get in, and  is so far unknown)..  She will need donations for an apartment, and help with deposit and utilities - until able to get on her feet.

Please help this victim rebuild her life and not live in fear, but as as a survivor.❤️ God bless.