Sean View

On August 25th, Sean View had two grand mal seizures while at home with his family. In the process of seizing, he fell and and hit his head. This resulted in a significant head injury. The paramedics that responded made the life saving decision to air lift him to Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas. While in the emergency department, he experienced another episode due to bleeding on his brain. He was rushed into emergency brain surgery where a part of his skull was removed in order to help relieve the swelling. He remains in critical condition in the ICU. He has been surrounded by his family. He is only allowed one visitor at a time and his wife, parents and sister have been able to take turns being at his bedside. Today, August 28th, we eagerly await the results of an EEG and CT scan. Those results will provide us with further information about his prognosis. We ask for all the prayers and positive thoughts as his whole family is remaining hopeful and faithful. We firmly believe that the age of miracles is still among us. And besides, Sean is one stubborn and strong man. We ask that you use this site to obtain updates as the family is grappling and coping with many emotions and difficult decisions at this time. We thank anyone reading this for their prayers and support.