Sean Santos

First post: May 25, 2018 Latest post: Oct 25, 2018
About a month and a half ago Sean started having some issues. He went to his primary care doc who immediately referred him to a gasterologist. We saw the gasterologist on May 8th, he was scheduled for a colonoscopy May 10th. 

On May 10th he has the procedure, which showed a mass at the cusp of his colon in his rectum. The mass tested positive for cancer. 

A ct was schedule for May 11th. Which showed 6 spots on his liver as well. 

We met with the oncologist on May 14th. He ordered a Petscan to verify of the spots on the liver were cancerous. 

May 17th we met with Colon doc! We had originally been told the tumor was in his colon and they could probably do surgery and remove that part of the colon. Well, we found out the tumor was actually in his rectum. Doc scheduled surgery for May 25th to place a colostomy bag and chemo port. She wanted to shrink the tumor before removing it. Due to it being so large she was worried it would eventually block all exit points, therefore Sean has to get colostomy bag. 

He will have the bag through 2-3 months of chemo every 2 weeks, followed by 4-6 weeks of chemo radiation, radiation is 5 days a week, followed by 6 more weeks of chemo to let the body heal from the radiation. He will then hopefully have surgery to have the tumor removed.  He will need to keep the bag through the healing process but once he is healed no more bag. 

After that tumor is taken care of they will re-evaluate the liver. Hopefully through the chemo and radiation the 6 spots they found will have shrunk. There are 5 spots on his right lobe of the liver and one on his left, but it’s super close to the right lobe. Oncologist is hopeful they can just remove that portion of the liver, but we will see. 

Sean will start chemo either May 29 or 30th, waiting on insurance to approve it. He will be given 3 types of chemo, as well as other medications to kick this cancers ass! 

I will keep you all posted and thank you for all the love and support!