Scott Wagner

First post: Jul 15, 2018 Latest post: Oct 26, 2018
 Hello family and friends of Scott Wagner.  Last Wednesday July 11th Scott was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. He has not yet  been seen by an oncologist, so we don’t know the precise cancer diagnosis. As far as we know the plan will be for chemotherapy, hopefully in Klamath Falls, and surgery in Portland.  On April 25 Joyce took Scott to the ER for severe pain and jaundice. He was then transported by helicopter to Medford and for 5 days he had 2 different procedures done and repeated weeks later. He has been hospitalized several times for dehydration, severe vomiting, and jaundice since then.
He also had a liver biopsy June 11 that was negative.
This has been their lives for 12 weeks. Joyce and Justine  have been eating every meal out because the smell of food cooking sends Scott into severe nausea. As you can imagine the cost of eating out and frequent trips to Medford has taken quite a financial and emotional toll. Also Scott has lost 80 lbs since this started and only started eating again a week ago. While the cancer diagnosis is horrible it also gives them hope that they can now treat what is actually happening. Their son Cody lives in Corvalis while attending OSU but is making frequent trips home. (The good part for Scott and Joyce as they get to see him more.) 

Here’s a bit of Scott’s history. 

He went to paramedic school at Daniel Freeman in 1980, and worked for SCV as a paramedic until being hired by Campbell Fire in 1983. Scott joined Santa Clara County Fire with the rest of Campbell fire in 1993 and retired after 18 years in the fire service in September of 2001. Hiding inside the professional clean cut man in uniform was the true and real Scott Wagner... long haired hippie Deadhead! After retirement he was able to let his tie dyed true self be free!! 

You can support Scott, Joyce, Cody, and Justine in this difficult journey and here’s how.

Words of support and encouragement posted here on the Caring Bridge Site.

Donations to their GoFund me page. The Dollar Sign button is the link is at the bottom of this page.  This will be great way to support them in this time as the financial challenges of travel and accommodations in both Portland and Medford are very significant. Obviously food is really important. We hope the situation will improve with Scott’s nausea, now that they know what they are treating, but until that happens eating out is the only solution for Joyce and Justine. A very expensive way to go. 

We are working on meal help and when we get that figured out we will post updates here.

If you have or know of places to stay in Portland or Medford, that would be a great help. Free or reasonable are awesome! 

Your payers and good thoughts are always appreciated. Unless you talk to them frequently already, for now we suggest limiting communication to this site, or if you have their email addresses it’s fine to send notes that way too.

If you have questions, ideas, or resources you can contact Bill Sylvester at 408-497-8856 (tel:408-497-8856) (tel:408-497-8856 (tel:408-497-8856)) (tel:408-497-8856 (tel:408-497-8856) (tel:408-497-8856 (tel:408-497-8856))) or

Thanks in advance for your love and support and keep coming back here for updates.