Scott Torgerson

First post: Oct 24, 2021 Latest post: Sep 26, 2022
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Our beloved Pappa Fish passed on 11/8/21 following a long & brave battle against COVID. We will be forever changed. Here is his story:

Scott (Pappa Fish) was hospitalized on 10/20/21 due to COVID. He was later transferred to ICU at United Hospital in St Paul for more Intensive and specialized care. He remains in ICU where he is battling double pneumonia and acute respiratory failure due to COVID.  He has multiple issues right now including blood clots. He is now on a ventilator, heavily sedated,  and fighting for his life.  It is so difficult as there are no visitors allowed. He was completely healthy prior to COVID with no other health issues. He has a long recovery ahead.

Many people have asked how they can help. It is difficult to know right now what is needed, however we know that we will be without Scott’s income for some time. Therefor we set up a Go Fund Me to assist with basic expenses at this time if you are interested in helping.
You can copy this link or go to the “ways to help” tab here for a direct link. Thank you!

I want to share Scott’s story in the hope that it may influence and save someone else’s life:

Scott chose NOT to be vaccinated against COVID. We do not fully know his reasons for that except that he was not one to seek out preventative medical treatment. He has never had a flu shot or other adult vaccines. He did not take any medications. He was a healthy & strong guy. When we discussed the likelihood of him getting covid at some point, he told me “I’ll be fine”. I think he truly believed he would not get ill from it or that he would have mild cold like symptoms.

Several members of our family got covid and I did too. Most of our family was vaccinated, as was I - although we were 6 months or more out from the date of our vaccines and the boosters were not available yet. My family & I were ill for a few weeks, but none of us were hospitalized. I sought medical treatment right away and continued treatment for a lingering infection. I isolated at home. Scott tested positive for covid and became ill 2 days later. When Scott first became ill, I encouraged him to seek treatment - however he did not do so. I was still ill when I was also trying to care for him. He was ill at home for 5 days where I encouraged him to eat/drink, gave him pain & cold/cough meds, tried to get him out of bed & moving, and I monitored his O2 levels with an oximeter. When he could no longer maintain a healthy O2 level, I took him to the ER. He received a low level of O2 support initially. The dr recommended hospitalization for monitoring as he has seen the progression of others decline very quickly.

Scott laid in the hospital for 10 days just trying to breathe. No visitors allowed due to Covid and so none of us could be with him. That was horrible. There were a few days that he would video chat, when he had the energy. That was very emotional for him and he would set off all his alarms when we talked with him. Our son, Jake, and I begged to see him before he was transferred to a higher level hospital & we were able to see him briefly right before transfer. Scott later had to be intubated and he remains in a medically induced coma. This infection and the effects of covid are ravaging his previously healthy body.

One other note: the doctors and us believe he had covid a year ago - a prior emergency incident and chest x-ray revealed the covid glass lungs, although he had no known effects from it and would have been mildly ill. That did not prevent this variant from wreaking havoc on his body.

When he had to be transferred to a higher level care hospital/ICU, it was difficult to find a bed. Hospitals continue to be overwhelmed. His dr at Buffalo hospital told me that the week prior, they had 25 patients lined in the halls with covid that they were trying to find open beds for. The medical staff look exhausted. They were considering out of state hospitals. Since Scott became very critical quickly, we did not have a choice in hospitals. We were very fortunate that a bed opened at United in St Paul which is within an hour from us.

We have only been allowed to visit him once due to him being in the covid ICU - that was the day they didn’t think he would make it. I was able see him briefly , after getting into the space suit gear. If you recall, I have been fully vaccinated AND recently recovered from confirmed covid. That doesn’t matter. I had to convince them to let our son Jake see him. No one else was allowed to see him.

THIS is covid.

I remain hopeful that our Pappa Fish will return home to us one day soon and he can then share his own story!

I also hope that you and your loved ones will consider getting vaccinated; get your boosters; seek medical care immediately if you do become ill; and cherish those you love.