Scott Edison Scotts quest to new lungs

Scott's story...  in 1997 he was diagnosed with emphysema. He started smoking at the young age of 17. He smoked his last cigarette on March 6, 2020 right before the pandemic began. Since quitting he has had many health complications, on and off of antibiotics to help with the lung infections he was having. Many, many zoom doctors appointments, and in April he was put on oxygen full-time. Once being put on oxygen he had to make the difficult decision to retire after working a total of 38 years at Logan Airport. That place was his second home, he loved his job, loved the planes and loved to talk about the planes when he wasn't at work. Scott is loved by his family. His wife Chris. Sons Bryan, Timothy, Terry, Todd, Tommy and Trevor. His grandchildren AJ, Alex, Brianna, Tyler and Val. And his siblings Stewart, Spencer and Sharon.