Scott Sheldon

First post: Oct 13, 2021
Our youngest brother, Scott Sheldon has battled Crohn's disease for many years and has endured intestinal rupture, surgery and many medication trials.  Now in the past 10 years he was also diagnosed with Amyloidosis for which there is no cure.   It has affected his nerves and most major organs.  In August of 2021, he was hospitalized twice at the University of Iowa Hospital and now has been sent home telling him there were no further treatments that would be of any help.  He has lost much of his vision, weight and strength and can move around his home on good days with a walker.  In January of 2021, he fell in his home and broke his hip. and is now at greater risk of falling again.  Scott's wishes are to remain in his home as long as he is able to do so.  His wife Janet needs to be home with him for the next month while daily care at home is being evaluated and determined.  Janet has a new job this fall that is allowing her a 30 day leave of absence without pay to be with Scott during this time.  Neither Scott nor Janet and their children are aware that this site is being created for them.  They are extremely private people and would never think of asking for help. If you feel so lead,  contributions can be made that will allow Janet to be home for this month and to help pay down some of their many medical bills.  Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated.  Your prayers for Scott and the family are treasured.