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It is my hope that this Caring Bridge journal will be the shortest on record as we post Scott's updates and hopefully his quick return to full health.

Beginning in January of this year, Scott started experiencing vertigo. When he told me about it he said he's had dizziness, like we've all experienced,  but his was much different. This was as if he was falling. A couple of times it was bad enough that even though he held onto the table in front of him, he lost his sense of balance and felt like he was thrown to the floor. Vertigo was very intermittent over the next few months. Of course, we're thinking it's an ear thing or sinuses or diet or whatever and bought more vitamins,etc.

The vertigo subsided whem he started experiencing what he describes as "wormhole" experiences. He said he knew that's not what it was but he couldn't quite describe it any other way. While being fully present in the moment-able to drive, have a conversation, perform business functions-he had a sense of entering into another dimension or being just outside another dimension. (Yes, he thought he was going crazy at times!)

These "spells" continued once a day or so. Eventually, as they became more frequent and intense he described that they were mixed with out of body feelings. Not to freak anyone out, but more recently while still being fully present he would tell me that he could see what we were doing from above. Like being up in the sky. If he waved his arm, he could see it from above. He could see the people and events going on around him from a normal view but at the same time from a birds eye view. They call this symptom Out of Body Experience-OBE. He'd say "I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse." It wasn't frightening but more intriguing to him.

He started experiencing dull headaches on the right side in his temple which also came more often in recent weeks. Of course, I'm telling him to make a Doctors apt, but being the somewhat stubborn, Type-A, never slow down, super hero person he is, he kept thinking it would all go away and he was just fine.

More recently, Scott started to express the knowing that things were not right and finally made the appt. with his longtime family physician and friend, Dr. Bob Weber.

We went to his appt. together and he described with great detail what he's been experiencing and how the episodes were coming 6-8 times a day. He told the doctor " I know I must sound like whack job.

In fact, he told Dr. Bob he was dying and knew he had a brain tumor. The Dr knows Scott is a level headed guy, with a clean medical record, so he believed him. He set him up immediately for a brain MRI which was just 5 days ago and promised he would call Scott if they found anything. The same evening of the MRI he did just that and the next day we found ourselves at the first Neurologist'with two brain tumors. Since then things have moved very fast.

What we've learned is they call this growth "a silent tumor" because there are few symptoms. The spells Scott is having are actually seizures from the brain having increased pressure.

The neurologists have said that a few patients have shared in his OBE story. Amazingly, his brain began accommodating this strange growth probably up to a year ago, they guess.It built a cushion of fluid between itself and the tumor. As the tumor grew the fluid increased until it got to the point that there was no more room for the brain and the tumor to co-habitate. His brain has shifted as far to the left side of his head as it can go.

In the past few days outward symptoms have appeared because the brain stem is being compromised. Which leads to my first journal entry about our visit to Mayo. How blessed we are to have that amazing facility in our backyard.

I don't think there's a person out there, who knows my husband, that wouldn't say he's a man of great faith. Not an evangelist maybe, but has a deep seeded faith and absolute trust in God and his Savior.

He prays for his family, his co-workers and friends daily. Did you know that?

We have complete knowing that this is in God's hands because in turn, we know that many of you are praying for him today.

This Caring Bridge journal will be a journal of victory because God is already a step ahead of us in His plan for Scott.

Thank you today and tomorrow for your prayers!

The outpouring of hope and care has already enveloped him in love! Each of you will play a big part in this journey of healing and we thank you for that!