Scott Krausman

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Well I don't even know where to start, so I guess the beginning. Dad woke up Thursday with a headache, (not normal for this healthy stubborn man) but he still went to work. Friday he still had a headache and gave mom some weird answers to questions that she asked. She stated he's just pissing me off. Saturday comes around and he still isn't feeling well headache and all. He still installs a bathroom sink that day (stubborn). Mom had called him and asked him what he wanted for lunch and he goes I don't know, things are about to get "crazy".  I stopped by the house and asked him how he was doing and he snapped and said fine.  Dad went to bed early Saturday night after mom pumped him full of fluids. Sunday morning comes around and who knew Dad was right. Things were just about to get crazy and change everything. Dad woke up Sunday morning and stated he needed to go in to the doctor. Mom took him to acute care, they did a bunch of testing and recommended he get a CT at the hospital.  Well by now everyone who knows my dad knows that well he is just a stubborn man. So mom took him home. They were home mom had made lunch and then went outside. Dad had gotten up and went to the bathroom. Just then the "crazy" came out. Dad walked out of the bathroom with his arms out in front of him and his tongue out to the side (gabby stated he looked like a zombie) he walked out to the living rooming in the direction of mom. He dropped to the floor and seized.  Mom heard the loud thud and came running inside. From there mom was yelling for kody and screaming where was her phone. Gabby stated to call 911 and kody was able to talk to them. The ambulance and firetruck arrived at the same time according to the neighbors.  The doctors wasted no time in getting all the testing done.  We went back to see him and he was pretty out of it and unable to speak. The doctor stepped in after one of the test and told us the news we were all afraid to hear. He had a mass on the left side of his brain and he was being admitted to the hospital. 
Dad was kinda there and well a tear rolled down his face. He was moved to ICU were they monitored everything and we were told he needed to have surgery to remove the mass. Dad was awake but not normal. His speech was off, and he didn't know what was going on. He stated he was in the hospital because he couldn't remember his dates. Well they stated surgery for Monday, we all were prepared to say see ya later then they got busy and moved him to Tuesday. It was the longest day of our life's waiting for Tuesday morning to roll around. Then the day came and it was the hardest, he let a few tears go and so did we. They let us say see ya later and then moved us to another waiting room. They told us the surgery could be anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on what it looked like when they opened up and that the mapping of where they would go in at took the longest due to making sure it was the right spots. So they came down about 10:00am and told us the first cut was made at 9:30am. Now it was waiting. By that time we were all exhausted from the last few days of "crazy" that had taken over we were numb. A few hours go by and we get word that the doctor is ready to close and see us. 11:51am was the time. Time seemed to stand still that day. We met with the doctor and he stated that he removed what he could, that he could see the color change in the tissue so he stopped. We waited for him to wake up more to see him. But he looked good, peaceful and full of color unlike the days before.  We were all more hopeful. Now it was the waiting till test results came back. 
He started to wake up better, and talking better. He seemed to know where he was and why. It was a huge improvement from the day before. They did hourly checks that night and he was not too thrilled. At one point I went to check on him and mom and they were both snoring. Its those moments of seeing two people who love each other so much that no matter where they are together they feel more comfortable with each other around; it makes you cry. I went back to the waiting room and tried to sleep but kept checking on them. The morning then came and dad was way better, and being dad. He would smirk and sounded good as the day went on. He ate and was allowed to eat a full diet by noon that day! So it now is Wednesday afternoon and the surgeon makes his rounds. We find out what we all prepared ouselfs for. Scott was diagnosed with Astrocytomas gilolblastomas Stage 4.