Scott Eagen

First post: Dec 28, 2021 Latest post: Jan 22, 2022
Thank you for your prayers and support.  Scott’s journey…. Scott had been experiencing pain in the lower left rib cage area and up through his throat for about 4 days.  He continued to jog/run and thought he was experiencing acid reflux.  On Christmas Eve morning, it changed to some tightness and he could not shake it so he went to the ER in Collierville TN.  His heart rate was over 170 and would not stabilize so they transferred him to Baptist Memorial hospital in Memphis to the Cardiac ICU.  On Christmas Night they said he was doing so well that they moved him to step down ICU.  Around 6:30 am on Dec 26 he went into cardiac arrest.  They administered CPR and ultimately shocked him 5 times to revive him.  He was immediately transferred back to CVICU and stabbed for surgery.  They placed a stent in his main artery which was blocked.  He also had an impella heart pump installed to help his heart to rest and recover.  At this point they said he was very critical and not sure if he would survive.  As is Scott’s nature, he defied the odds and stabilized within 24 hours.  He was bleeding internally but they were replacing the blood at a rapid rate.  He was very alert and trying to get up.  As his numbers increased to a good stable point, his kidneys and liver numbers drastically increased.  This is not uncommon in cardiac cases because his body went into shock.  He also had cracked ribs from CPR compression so his pain increased.  He is undergoing dialysis now and we are praying for this to revive his kidney function.  
Scott wrote I am with Christ this morning and raised his arms to Heaven.  I feel like this will help him calm down as I feel like he is saying he is putting it all in God’s hands.  The medical staff  are amazed at his strength and ability to write and communicate.  I will post updates as we have them.  We cannot express our gratitude for the many PRAYERS, texts, calls and show of support from our incredible family and friends.