In SC with Dad by the river.

Scott Dillon

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Hi all, not sure how this works exactly, but am setting up a website thru the hospital so you can check the status on Scott. Brief details, this site is dedicated to Scott Dillon, admitted here at Mercy early saturday morning, 5/5/07 around 2:00am, has been in ICU since then and is very touch and go, will keep you posted as much as possible....

Hello Everybody. Hope this site comes across okay. As most of you know, my brother Scott has been in the hospital since friday night. He was in a very bad car accident (single car) and rushed to the hospital (would have been life flighted, but was too foggy out I guess). He has intense swelling in his head which is where the extent of his injuries are. They immediately performed surgery and placed a monitor inside his head for this. He has tiny pinpoints of swelling and pressure all around on his brain, which I guess is the worse kind there is, which is why it's so critical right now and why they had to put this device in. So 6 hours later they performed another catscan, showed things were getting worse, so they put him on a medication to lessen the swelling. IT'S WORKING. Slowly, but surely, the pressure has been going down. This was all within 24 hours. He showed no signs of response whatsoever, and slowly has begun to twitch his eyes, grab a hand, move his arm, every now and then, SO THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Of course, they would like to see him respond more, but still. Last night, the nurses asked him to move his feet, and he did move his toes a little bit!!!

We are constantly in and out, very quiet of course, as we need to keep him as calm and serene as possible to keep the pressure down. (that's another thing....we want it to stay below 20, and to get it at 10 would be SUPER, he was wavering between 25-30, and finally got down to 11-14 yesterday...but during the night when they were moving him around it spiked to 17-19 again, but still, they were stimulating him more than they have been.....)

When we talk to him he twitches his eyes and when mom was saying goodnight to him last goodness his arm was going crazy. Lol. so he's here with us, we need to keep talking to him and giving him a hard time about coming out of this.

So please, please, please.....keep Scott in your thoughts and prayers, it's very powerful and has worked wonders so far. Keep them coming please. If I could somehow find the words to tell you how much all your love and support means to my family and I, I'd put them here, but I don't think they exist. It simply means EVERYTHING.

Will keep this updated as much we can, but basically, no news is good news if you haven't heard anything.

Take care all, love you, thank-you...


Michelle and family

P.S. As both I and my family will update this, we may update both this 'main page' and the Journal, but look for most updates on the journal page. Again, thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Love you all.


Hey everyone, Michelle here. I wanted to change up a couple things on Scotty's page and update it a little bit. I'm keeping the main story as it is as it seem's almost every week someone Scott knew or the family knew finds out about what happened still, and they would like the full story beginning to end. As most of you know, it's been about 1 1/2 months since Scott's accident. He spent the majority of his care so far at Mercy Hospital in downtown DSM, IA. And may I just say they were WONDERFUL with him. Both with him, and us, his family, about explaining what was going on, what to expect, and just over-all taking care of our beloved Scotty. So to Mercy...... we thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless every one of you.

You'll probably notice the new layout, just thought I'd change it up a bit since Scott really is in a new 'phase' of his treatment/progress. You'll also see on the right hand side of the page under 'Hospital Information' I have updated that as well. It used to be all Mercy Hospital's info, but it now is listed under On With Life, where Scott will remain until he is hopefully ready to come on home.