Scott Bekebrede

First post: Sep 20, 2018 Latest post: Oct 20, 2018
On Sunday 9-16...

Linda found Scott on the floor around 5:00 am. An ambulance took him to Mercy Hospital, where it was discovered that he had a massive stroke. The stroke is on the right side of his brain, so the left side of his body is currently immobile, but the language-center of his brain was unbothered, so he still understands when he’s spoken to, and can follow commands with hand signals, (mostly thumbs-up) and sometimes even verbally. He was still cracking jokes with the nurses. 

On Monday 9-17...
Doctors at Mercy ran a plethora of tests and scans to keep an eye on the swelling. They decided that it is not safe for him to swallow food at this time, so a feeding tube was placed in his stomach so that they can give him nutrition and manage his diabetes. He developed a worsening headache from the swelling in his brain. 

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