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First post: May 22, 2019 Latest post: Jun 10, 2019
I'm having breast surgery!! As you may or may not know I have been very ill with a rare pituitary condition for the past 3ish years. A little over 6 months ago I made some dramatic life changes and have begun to feel quite a bit better. Each day up and out of bed, doing things with my life feels like an honest to goodness gift!! This newfound health has afforded me the opportunity to plan breast surgery to remove tissue from and reduce the size of my breasts. The pituitary disorder I have effects my breasts in many ways and causes a lot pain and infection. I produce breast milk all of the time and I have to have my breasts examined for tumors every 3 months. As if that weren't enough I suffer from many health problems from having had large breasts for 31 plus years. Symptoms like back and neck pain, migraine triggers, numbness and nerve pain in my arm and leg, tremors, diminished dexterity, etc. I'm really excited to be well enough to presue even further health through this surgery. I have been told that of all of these types of corrective surgeries mine has the highest patient satisfaction rate. I plan to be one of those patients!!
I am, however, really concerned about being laid up again and the strain that caring for an infirm loved one can put on a family. Coming out of a time of illness and reliance on my partner for care has been life changing for me and unspeakably amazing for my relationship. This site is an attempt to approach this surgery with an attitude of wellness. To ask for help and be open to receiving it. If you would like to receive updates and photos please sign up. I find it very healing to share. If you'd like to send messages to me and Connor over the next few weeks that would be AMAZING!!
For those of you able and interested in doing more please check the the "PLANNER" under the "WAYS TO HELP" button. There you'll find several small tasks to help this healing time run smoothly for me and Connor. Tasks include mostly dog walks, visits, dinner prep and there are a few rides to Dartmouth if anyone is feeling like a superhero. Thank you so much!! So many hugs!! I look forward to seeing A LOT more of you!!!