Terry Schmalz Schmalz Fam Heart Journey

First post: Jan 5, 2022 Latest post: Jan 30, 2022

Around Thanksgiving, Britni and Terry went to the emergency room after a scary experience with Terry's heart racing. They knew something was not right. After a month of treatment, tests, and observation, they finally found out what was going on. On December 28, doctors informed them that Terry had aneurysm on his aorta--a congenital defect--and he would need open heart surgery as soon as possible. Since that moment, life has been in a tailspin. 

Right now, the family is quarantining to make sure Terry's surgery can proceed on January 11 at the University of Minnesota, so they regrettably cannot accept visitors (and will not be able to until February most likely). They will be in Minneapolis January 5th for pre-op tests and procedures and will stay until he is released from the hospital sometime around Jan 16-18, depending on his recovery and needs. The kids will be at home staying on schedule with the help of family and friends, but Britni and close family will be in Minneapolis the entire time--no breaks.

The family is overwhelmed with love and support, but they need to focus on resting and preparing for the days ahead. Instead of reaching out via text and phone calls, please visit this page for journal entry updates on Terry every step of the way. You can comment directly to the family here as well by clicking on "Well Wishes." Leave your love for the family, and they can scroll through in their moments of quiet.

Best Ways to Help:

As you know, the Schmalz family is a team of helpers; they are not used to BEING helped. But they've been convinced to take their turn on the receiving end as they go through these uncertain, scary, and expensive times. Instead of sending physical gifts, please consider supporting them with gift cards, or by sending cash gifts directly via Venmo, for meals and expenses during the surgery process. You can also sign up for the Schmalz Meal Train to bring a meal sometime in the month of January. There are days and times to sign up for.  You can find Britni's Venmo and the Meal Train signup on the "Ways to Help" tab and then clicking "Support Links."

Or you can find them here. Venmo @Britni-Schmalz
Meal Train Sign-Ups: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4EA5AD29A2FDCE9-schmalz