Scarlett Russell

UpWelcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using Caring bridge for our sweet 2 Month old baby girl Scarlett . Scarlett is normally a happy and healthy baby . On May 1st 2018 Scarlett just got down feeding and had fallen asleep. Her mother laid her down in her bed to start doing stuff around the house. Five minutes later she went to check on her to not find her breathing. After taking her clothes off and rubbing her back she was able to get Scarlett to breath again and started dialing 911. While on the phone with the operator Scarlett started to have a massive seizure and continued while the paramedics got there. After seeing the paramedics were told miss information about how old Scarlett was it took five minutes to stop her seizure and get to loaded into the ambulance and to emergency room. After she was stable they transferred her and her mother to the Anderson women and children center. Scarlett had two more seizures there. The women's and children center were not equipped enough to find out what was wrong with her and then decided to send Scarlett and her mother out of Anderson to the Greenville memorial center. She were able to get Scarlett to rest for the night and the next day started more testing. They did a EEG and found the central brain waves were abnormal. They warned Scarletts mother and father they may be a tumor or deformation in the center of her brain. Scarlett is still going threw testing as they try to pinpoint what's causing her seizures. Please help this little family with her treatments and testing. All donations are highly appreciated.