Sawyer Garnsey Sookie Strong

First post: Dec 2, 2020 Latest post: Feb 1, 2022

IMPORTANT TO READ: PLEASE KNOW THAT DONATIONS OR TRIBUTES MADE THROUGH CARING BRIDGE DO NOT GO TO THE GARNSEY FAMILY. You will see requests where it asks you to make a $30 donation/tribute to keep Sawyer’s blog site active - this is an advertising plug and fundraising for the Caring Bridge organization. Instead, you can link to the Sookie Strong Venmo or GoFundMe pages under the "Ways to Help" section of the blog site to donate to the Garnsey family.

Here is a place for Sawyer's family and friends to stay up to date on her unexpected journey.  We are now focused on overcoming each day and getting safely to the finish line with the love and support of all of you! 

We received news that Sawyer developed bone & soft tissue cancer in October of 2020 (officially diagnosed as Ewing's Sarcoma, a fairly rare form of bone cancer that develops in adolescents). Within days of the news that a 10 centimeter tumor was discovered on her pelvis, Sawyer began treatment at the UCLA Medical Center and started the initial phase of what is to be a 10-month endeavor of chemotherapy (with radiation and surgery to come).  

On the bright side - Sawyer has been (and continues to be) so positive about everything! When the oncologist relayed the news of her diagnosis she replied with "my dad beat cancer and I will too!" She is a strong and admirable girl that will fight this battle with all her might, with her friends and family right there with her (although primarily virtually due to her weakened immune system - thank goodness for FaceTime video calls)! 

So many of you have asked what you can do to help and support Sawyer and her family through all of this so we created this page to keep you updated on how she's doing and informed of the ways you can help. Sawyer, or Sookie as many call her, is our beautiful ray of sunshine and we appreciate your outpouring of love & support and words of hope & encouragement. These life changing moments bring us together and remind us of the simple things in life - love & health.

Please visit the "Journal" section to view updates on Sawyer and feel free to post messages of encouragement in the "Well Wishes" section . You can also visit the "Ways to Help" section to link to the Meal Train site, their Venmo account and learn about other ways to provide support.

Much love to you all!