Savannah Mason

First post: May 15, 2022 Latest post: Aug 22, 2022
After suffering from symptoms for months Savannah had an MRI on April 1, 2022 where it was discovered she had a brain tumor on her left parietal lobe. She was admitted to the Neuro ICU and underwent a craniotomy on April 4, spending a week at UT Medical. 

Final pathology revealed the mass was a high grade glioma. This is a rare diagnosis for someone Savannah’s age.

Savannah started her first round of daily chemo and radiation on May 9, 2022. Chemo will last 42 straight days and radiation will last 6 weeks. In addition to treatments she also has weekly visits with specialists, some requiring out of town travel. 

We are awaiting Next Gen testing (genetic testing) on the tumor which will help guide any future adjuvant therapies. It will also help determine if the tumor was a pediatric or adult tumor. 

A senior Psychology major at UTK and dog mom to Oscar, Savannah continues recovering and battling brain cancer while living at home with her parents and brother.