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An Announcement from Sarah's family:

With a heavy heart, we announce Sarah “Rox C Brown” Ramirez passed away on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, from a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer in her beautiful home in the redwood trees of Occidental, Calif.

She was a bright star to many. Sarah was raised in Lawrence, Mass., and arrived in California at the age of 18. She ingrained herself in San Francisco's hip-hop community as a breakdancer, aka Rox C Brown, and would make lifelong friends in the Bay Area music, arts, and entertainment scenes.

Sarah was an avid traveler, venturing through Latin America and Europe several times in her life, and celebrated her 40th birthday in Nicaragua, the country where she and her older sister Theresa were born. The multi-talented Rox C Brown held several jobs, including working as an event planner and personal stylist. She loved to host parties and would spin vinyl records from her enviable collection when DJing a show.

She is survived by her parents Mary and Frank, her partner Phil Schutt, her siblings Theresa, Alex, Franck and Xochilt, and her siblings-in-law Rick Poulin, Cara Suriyamongkol, Nicola Blount, and her two beloved cats Tom Bombadil and Go Go.

Sarah, aka Rox C Brown, was deeply grateful for all that supported her and the beautiful way her family and community held her energetically and physically. She felt extremely lucky to have spent her final months in the company of great friends and was showered with a constant stream of love. Her sister Theresa lived and cared for Sarah alongside Phil from December to her final day. Rox C was delighted to have several visits from her brother Alex and Cara. Her parents visited her in her redwood grove home in November following her diagnosis, providing love, support, and to facilitate the start of her care plan. Several close friends were also integral to Sarah's care during treatments, hospitalizations, and hospice. The outpouring of support from family, friends, and her communities was endless. Her 45th birthday was an epic punctuation to the vibrant life she created and cultivated for herself. She curated a musical set with a message for us to reflect on. The link is here:

A warm hug and huge thank you to all who visited her, sent cards, food, gifts, donations, and encouragement, and showed up to nurture her, including her hospice care team and friends Maritza, Rick, Megan, Mikee, Rich, Eleni, Radha, Yarrow, Kenny, Lila, Holly, Diana, Viv, Sarah's parents, Mary and Frank, Alex, Cara, and a massive HEART to Theresa and Phil for months of endless love, care, devotion, hope, and support!

A service in Sonoma County is planned for April 8, 2023. 
Memorial will be at the Monte Rio Community Center  from 1-3 pm.

A Celebration of Life: House of the Living Frequency April 8, 2023 from 8 pm- 1am at  Jerry Knights River Theater Guerneville, Ca.

Please see Journal entry for more info!

 For those on the East coast  a service in Massachusetts will be held on a date to be announced later. Please stay tuned!


Friends, Family, Family of Friends (far and near), Fellow Fighters and Survivors,

Our beloved Sarah (AKA Rox C Brown) has been dealing with a very serious health issue that started in October. A rapid progression of symptoms in November required brief hospitalization, and she was recently diagnosed with Stage IV uterine cancer. A rare and aggressive form of cancer called Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. The severity of this rare cancer and the speed at which it came on is shocking to say the least. From initial concern in early October to a brief hospitalization last week to her diagnosis on November 15th. Now that she has been diagnosed, she is prepared to fight with all her might. Her first chemotherapy treatment begins Tuesday, November 22.

As folks have learned this news, many have been reaching out, offering to help and asking for updates. Here is the place to receive updates, strategize, coordinate and plan. Gathering information and details and sorting out logistics here will free up your direct communications with RoxC and Phil to be centered on positive energy, Love and healing vibes. Please continue to shower the love, but understand that it takes a lot of energy to text or call everyone back; lately, there is not much energy reserved for follow-up. Sarah feels all the love from everyone, and for that, she is really grateful. If she could, Sarah would reach out to each of you personally. Right now, it's best that she saves energy for the healing journey ahead. Sarah is most fierce and is ready to fight this thing!

Sarah is blessed and ever grateful to have Phil, the kindest, most grounded, unwavering partner, by her side through this difficult journey. That said, this is a fight that will require a village, her entire village and extended villages. Sarah and Phil will BOTH need the LOVE, STRENGTH and SUPPORT of You... of Us, their beautiful and unique community cultivated and fostered from trim camps to dance floors, dinner tables to turntables.

Our communal goal is to support Sarah and help nourish her in all possible ways so she can be comfortable, focus on getting herself healthy and the fight of her life. Of equal importance is to provide Phil with ample resources to maintain their home as a place of sanctuary and show up for him in ways large and small as needed to help him best support Sarah.


• Monetary support is critical to provide stability and alleviate significant added stress associated with maintaining the realities of the cost of living while fighting a rare Stage IV cancer.

•Fee-free monetary donations can be maximized with Venmo:
 Venmo: Phillip Schutt@Phillip-Schutt

• GoFundMe (also linked in Ways to Help button):

Phil & Sarah are both used to working and sharing their living expenses. Sarah has not worked in over a month and Phil has needed to care for Sarah full-time at home, getting her to and from the hospital, making appointments, navigating the health care system and maintaining mental acuity to absorb medical information and instruction. All while processing the severity and physical pain of his beloved's cancer.
Money will be required and utilized for what is needed, as it is needed and will include but not be limited to:
• Basic living expenses (rent, bills, gas, food).
• Various extra costs associated with treating such a severe and complicated form of cancer.
• Sarah's family is on the east coast and may have to plan several visits during her course of treatments. Available funds might help them travel here as needed to be with and assist Sarah & Phil.
• Given the rarity of this particular cancer, if chemotherapy successfully stabilizes and improves her current condition, she may need to see a specialist not covered by health care.
• Needs not yet considered or determined will be updated as new expenses emerge. We will inform if there is need to considerably increase the fundraising goal for Sarah's care.
• Take some time to learn about Uterine Sarcoma (click on Ways to Help to see Support Links)

Last but not least, we all know how much Sarah loves music and playing music for and with her friends. It will make her really happy for you to listen to her DJ mixes on Sound Cloud and Mix Cloud. In this way, Rox can share her love with you all!
Cue up a mix and dance with abandon, as Rox C needs you to...DANCE! Make her feel your vibrations from wherever you may be, far and wide!

Rox C Brown Ramirez

Rox C Brown