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First post: Jul 8, 2018 Latest post: Jan 28, 2019
Welcome to Sara's Caring Bridge site. On Monday, June 25th, one day before her youngest son’s 1st birthday, our beloved Sara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, specifically, Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Stage IIIC. Her cancer began in the milk glands of her breast and has now progressed into her axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes. Some GOOD NEWS is that Sara had a negative CT and bone scan, so no additional tumors have been noted throughout her body, and she is ready to start fighting!!! 

Sara’s chemotherapy treatment will begin on July 11, 2018. The treatment will be every three weeks for 18 weeks (thank God she has A LOT of hats and Cath's 70's scarves). The cancer is Estrogen, Progesterone and Her2 positive, which means her body should respond well to chemotherapy. Following the chemo treatments, she will then have a mastectomy with a six-week recovery, followed by a lengthy course of radiology.  The physicians intend to treat this particular cancer aggressively and have explained that some form of treatment will continue for at least 10 years.

The Florian’s recently transitioned back to Cleveland from San Diego. Unfortunately, Sara is within her first 90 days of a new position with the Cleveland Clinic, which puts her position at work at risk.  Greg has been an incredible partner and support to Sara, but he too has just started a new job, on the east side of Cleveland, which limits his time and flexibility at home. Greg’s new work family has been extremely supportive in this struggle already, however the financial unknown associated with a single income and long-term treatment of stage III cancer is very burdensome. Sara and Greg understand how important it is, now more than ever, to focus all of their energy on love, strength and recovery, but they both feel the weight of the financial component that accompanies chronic illness. 

Sara, Greg, Gabe (2) and Sam (1), along with family and friends, intend to treat her cancer with not only pharmacological protocol, but to attack it from all angles! This includes a holistic diet, exercise, meditation, mindfulness and LOVE! Sara is overwhelmed with the support she and family have already received from folks near and far.  She continues to gather strength from all of you and understands that this is just another chapter in her book of life!

Sara will continue to update everyone through journal entries on this site, and if you'd like to support them further with childcare, meals, money etc click on the "Ways to Help" link above . XO

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