Sarah Darling Sarah Darling's Journey

First post: Apr 28, 2020 Latest post: Sep 14, 2020
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this very trying journey we have ahead of us. Sarah is a 26 year old wonderful loving mother of 2, Reegan(5) and Riley (2). They truly are the lights of her life. My name is Nick and Sarah and I met 8 years ago and for at least one of us it was love at first sight! (She took some convincing). We have been together even since. Like alot of couples we've definitely been through our share of ups and downs but we've always come out on top stronger and more in love then the day before. We have a saying, For Love For Life, and that is all that needs to be said about us.  On April 15th Sarah and I were laying in bed and she was playing with the necklace I got her for her birthday only weeks after we got together, she does that often, while doing that she had an itch or something on her left breast, she went to itch it and felt something so she felt her right breast and realized there wasn't 2 of what she felt and that wasn't normal, i then felt it and became concerned so she made an appointment with her primary physician for Friday April 17th where they did a breast exam. Her Dr. Set up an appointment for Tuesday April 21st for an ultrasound and mammogram if necessary. Fast forward to the 21st Sarah had 3 ultrasounds, 2 mammograms and a biopsy done on her left breast, they told us the results wouldn't be back until the following Friday. So we waited. The next day April 22nd Sarah received a phone call from NUMC saying the results were in (not even 24 hrs later!!) Needless to say this was nerve wracking (and if we're being honest we didn't have the best feeling deep down). We went to the hospital and were given the worst news ever. Sarah was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Insitus. Breast cancer. The f***ing devil itself. Inside my Sarah. My love. My rock. How can this be?! We broke down immediately in tears and shock, just saying over and over "what?" "How" "she's only 26". Devasting doesn't even begin to describe the feelings we're experiencing at that time. Immediately after the diagnosis with her doctor we went over to the OB/GYN and had her mirena iud removed, as a precaution and also because we think that maybe that played a roll in the cancer, which we've named GUS, because Sarah has always absolutely hated that name for some reason, developing. We were then put in touch with a rn care nurse who scheduled an MRI, CT SCAN, AND BONE SCAN,  for the very next day (4/23). We went to the hospital and Sarah did the tests which took 5 hours and went home with an appointment set for the next day (4/24) with our surgeon to go over the results and find out the prognosis. Words can't even begin to describe Sarah's strength and resolve throughout this process so far. From the time of detection of the lump to the appointment with the surgeon for the prognosis and treatment plan was 10 days! Thank God for that and the ability for things to be moving along so swiftly!  The prognosis: as it stands right now (4/27) GUS is still in the breast/lymph, meaning it has not spread to anywhere else in the body. It is agressive and time is definitely of the essence when it comes to moving forward with the treatment plan. Right now the plan that we received from the surgeon is to do chemotherapy first to shrink the mass, because it is measuring at about 7.5cm (which is big), and then depending on how her body and GUS  react to the chemo the next step is surgery, either lumpectomy and breast conservation or mastectomy with reconstructiion.  We do have a 2nd opinion consultation appointment at Abbott Northwestern on Wednesday (4/29) to decide where she/we feel most comfortable doing care. After that we will have a plan fully set in place and will be ready to BEAT GUS' ASS!!  In the meantime we are praying and staying positive and also Sarah is drinking a special tea her parents and sisters introduced her to, which has testimonies from many other people of being healing and very beneficial.  At this time we are asking friends, family and really anyone who reads this to please pray for Sarah and our family for a speedy recovery and a quick return to normalcy.  Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your well wishes!  We will update this site as often as we can. Hopefully after every appointment and/or everyday.    May God bless all of you and especially Sarah during this trying time.