Sarah Boberschmidt

First post: Mar 28, 2021 Latest post: Mar 27, 2022
Hey friends and family, 
As many of you know our sweet Sarah was diagnosed with a brain tumor on a Friday. Sarah has been suffering over the last year  or two with the occasional headache which progressed to the occasional migraine. The last few months Sarah’s health has really declined as she was having more frequent migraines, nausea, fatigue,  dizziness and what she called “ brain fog.” 
On Friday she was plagued with yet another migraine and we decided she needed to get to the ER as her primary continued to recommend only migraine medication that wasn’t working. 
Her friend Scott  took her to the ER and stayed with while she had further testing done, our family is so grateful that he was with her for the 12 hour ER day until my mom was able to get there.
The MRI showed  a pretty significant  brain tumor, about  (8cm).  They  believe her tumor is called a central neurocytoma based on the size and location. 

The plan for now is to have the tumor removed in the next few days. We are waiting a few days due to the head neurosurgeon Dr.  Vandergrift not being available until Monday.  We have heard from multiple doctors and a nurse  that Dr. Vandergrift is the best and has “magic hands”  which is why we are waiting for him to do the surgery. 
While we wait,  both our parents are able to be at her side  but no other visitors are allowed as they are only allowing 2 visitors without interchanging.  This part is hard as we want to be with our sister but grateful our parents can be there together . 
Sarah’s spirits and strength have not wavered a second through the last few days. She has been strong for us and strong for her friends and anxiously awaiting the surgery.  She has been loving all the pictures, texts, posts and our family  is so blessed to be rich in faith, family and friends.  
Thank you for the prayers, positive vibes and support, will update again when we know more.