Sarah Granados

First post: Oct 1, 2019 Latest post: Jan 28, 2020
Hey all! Welcome to my page. I won't bore you with five years of details here, but I am currently fighting for my life and have been for quite some time.  My battle began after a car accident  led to the discovery of a large tumor in my neck. I was subsequently diagnosed with thyroid cancer  and had emergency surgery to remove the cancer.  Following  my thyroidectomy, during a follow up scan, an abnormal (but benign) growth was identified on my gallbladder. Because of that, I underwent a "routine gallbladder" surgery in February of 2014.  My life has never been the same since. I  went from being a normal 29 year old to being brutally sick, almost instantly. I woke up from that operation and haven't been able to eat or sustain nutrition on my own since. 5.5 years into this battle, I  have exhausted every treatment, every medication and every surgery, including a total gastrectomy and intestinal reconstruction.  After failing every type of feeding tube, I am now completely dependent on TPN to sustain my life. I am currently on a  transplant consideration list at Miami Transplant institute where I will be worked up for a small bowel/multivisceral transplant. Due to the life threatening conditions I have developed from my central line, my doctors want me off of tpn as soon as possible. My current diagnosis' include Gastroparesis, Intestinal Failure, Global Dysmotility, Malabsorption, DVT Blood clots, Sepsis and  QT Prolongation, all as a result of severe malnourishment.  Since the beginning of September, I have been battling sepsis and at least four DVT's in my upper and lower body and most recently spent two weeks inpatient at Wake Forest Hospital.  My daily needs include IV hydration, IV medication, and TPN nutrition (administered through my central line and into venous system). Additionally ,I am on a heart monitor 24/7 while I wait to be declared safe for my heart surgery (defibrillator).

I have been married to the love of my life and my very first boyfriend Gabriel for nearly 16 years and have the most amazing 3 teenagers on the planet.
Their names are Lexi, Jordan and Mackenzie. They are my happy and my heart, all in one and I fight everyday to make more forever memories with them.

This site will help me keep you informed on the battle in front of me and what to pray and hope for specifically. I will also humbly post my needs and "wishes" as we continue on this journey that has extraordinary costs. Everyday I'm fighting for my life and fighting for joy. Please join me as I seek to live well while fighting with everything I have for more time.  I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to go. Revelations 21:4.... #healingorheaven