Sarah B

Sarah tested positive for Covid on 12/20/2020. Her life has not been the same since that day. She was first hospitalized on 1/6/2021, and then she had to be transferred to a long-term acute care hospital on 3/12. This extended hospitalization, of course, drastically diminished her family's income. They were cruelly kicked out of their home on 3/13/2021.

The only thing that they could afford so suddenly was a small RV that was available to them. Unfortunately, this RV has a severe mold issue. Sarah has now suffered from constant blood infections and sepsis/septicemia since May 2021. As of this posting she has spent a total of 343 out of the last 604 days hospitalized.

Sarah's family desperately needs a newer/healthier RV to live in. She will never get better with continuous mold exposure. That is not to mention the detriment to the rest of her family! Furthermore, doctors have stated that her recovery depends on her bettering her nutritional intake. Their current income (only her small social security check ) does not allow for much in the way of healthy foods, and astoundingly she has been turned down twice for state food assistance at this point.

Sarah does not want to ask for handouts, but they need a hand-up right now. Her children need her to stay around a LOT longer. Her life is critically on the line, and if we can get a small amount together (in the grand scheme of things) we can change this family's life.