Sara Anliker

First post: Mar 6, 2019 Latest post: Jul 16, 2019
Sara lives, laughs and loves with a silent partner - a meningioma tumor in the sagittal vein of her brain. It sits like a glove across the top of her brain dipping into the sagittal vein between the two hemispheres.  She is an inspiration of strength and courage!  She was diagnosed in 2003 at the age of 28 with a pituitary gland tumor and a meningioma tumor.  The pituitary gland tumor was successfully removed while the meningioma tumor had likely grown up with her and was deemed inoperable.  After healing from the initial surgery, she later received a shunt to aid in the flow of spinal fluid, a Chiari malformation surgery to remove a piece of the base of her skull (to give her more space for the crowding) and traditional radiation to slow the growth of the tumor.  All of the above happened while she raised two young little boys.   Needless to say, her friends and family have been so proud of her physical strength and so comforted by her living faith.   
Throughout the past 2 years, Sara has experienced strokes, absence seizures, consistent migraines and progressive weakness on her right side.  It is the opinion of her oncologist and her neurosurgeon that it is time to begin treatment on the tumor's new growth that extends down the front, right side of her brain.  New technology and advancements over the past 15 years have made it possible for her doctors to suggest these treatments.  We are all beyond blessed that there are more options to improve her quality of life!!!