Sandy Newell

First post: Sep 24, 2022 Latest post: Jan 23, 2023
In the last year Sandy began experiencing problems swallowing, walking, pulsing in her ears/ eye and memory issues. She relayed all her symptoms and received a scan. They initially believed she had abnormal connections in her brain. Before the doctors attempted an angiogram, Sandy had her first seizure. There was no issue with connections, but they found a tumor. The biopsy showed abnormal cells but was undiagnosable due to its size.
Her seizures subsided and after about two weeks she had another big seizure. Scans showed a brain bleed, that they still are unsure where it came from. Medicine was difficult due to her battling issues.
She continued to have seizure and developed a cough. Lab work discovered a clot. They did a scan to discover clots in her leg and both lungs. Doctors believed it could be a blood clotting disorder. Blood thinners and a brain bleed again made medicine difficult.
Her seizures began to be more frequent. They happened daily. She went to have an MRI to check on the healing from the first surgery, three months before. The neurologist shared that they found the brain bleed was resolving nicely, but there was another much bigger brain tumor.
Sandy hoped to delay another surgery, but was eventually told she had to remove the tumor. This tumor was big enough to gain a definitive diagnosis.
The doctors concluded on September 12th that she has glioblastoma, stage IV.