Sandra Ziegler

First post: Jul 6, 2022 Latest post: Mar 13, 2023
Sandy's story started in April 2022 when symptoms began. She was treating lower back pain and bowel problems at her chiropractor, PCP(Primary Care Provider) and an orthopedic center. CT done in the  hospital showed masses in her lower abdomen/pelvic region. Referred to gyn/oncologist doctor and a MRI and PETSCAN was ordered. July 1, 2022 Discussion results of tests at Dr. Byler Dann office....biopsies show tumor cancer cells. Stage 4 Endocervical cancer, not a typical type, aggressive and a higher grade. 8cm mass which involves upper cervix, lower uterus, top wall of vagina and ovaries. Lymph nodes in pelvis are enlarged and there are tumors located in outside stomach lining. Also, two masses in separate parts  of the liver glowed from the PETSCAN which the MRI didn't readily detect, so they are small. The largest tumor is pinching the ureter that attaches the bladder to the left kidney causing urine back up into the kidney.      
*** Appointment Tuesday July 5, 2022 @ 1:00pm. Likely will have to get a stent put into the ureter to keep it open for proper urine flow.
Tumors are not operable at this time. There will be a tumor board conference discussing Sandy's case on Thursday July 7th with all doctors involved in her case that specialize in different body systems. They will discuss and agree on the best treatment to move forward. Dr. Byler Dann then stated that most likely she will have to undergo Chemotherapy for one day (5-6hrs long) every three weeks. Dr. doubted that this form of cancer is curable but it is treatable and there's always a chance of going into remission.    Sandy's pain control is priority and treated by alternating Roxycodone and Extra Strength Tylenol.