Sandra Keasling

First post: Apr 20, 2018 Latest post: Aug 6, 2019

"But, though He causes grief, He will have compassion according to the abundance of His steadfast love; for He does not willingly afflict a great children of men." Lamentations 3:32-33

We intend to proclaim God's hand of Providence here in the journey of Sandi Keasling. In her recent diagnosis of BCC (Basil Cell Carcinoma) that has progressed through the skin, the bone, the optical nerve and now into the brain, we will help to keep you informed of the updated status of her health. Ultimately, our goal is to sing the praise of God in this who does not waist pain, nor rejoice in the affliction of His children. Rather, He gently cares for, guides and comforts within the valley and the dark nights. 

Please pray diligently, read our updates and comment below so we can best correspond with you. Also feel free to reach out to Jini, Jana or Jim as needed. We are happy to fill you in on any details. Cards and any other supportive, thoughtful items can be sent to their home: 25502 Camino Los Padres #319 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. 

“Our comfort comes not in holding all knowledge but in trusting the One who does.” Jen Wilkins

Psalm 18:30 "As for God, His way is perfect."