Sandi Rittenhouse

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking in on Sandi. Sandi is fighting very hard since her brain surgery and diagnosis of a glioblastoma brain tumor in august of this year...Much has transpired since August. She has undergone weeks of chemo and radiation, been hospitalized twice since surgery due to brain swelling.  At this time, she is at Interlude restorative care in Fridley.  Sandi is due to start chemo again on December 9th. Interlude restorative care is working with Sandi every day to try and help herregain some muscle strength and and improve her communication and speech so that this round of chemo hopefully, will not take so much out of her. We will be sure to update you all as soon as possible.  Please send your thoughts, prayers and any kind of support to the whole Rittenhouse family. We have also linked this caring bridge page to a go fund me page and I pray that everyone just repost and or share this so we can get some kind of relief for this wonderful, beautiful family. Thank you!