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Samuel LeBlanc

First post: May 9, 2020 Latest post: Sep 20, 2021
It's hard to believe that just days ago, our Samuel was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a fast-moving cancer that targets the immune system and requires immediate and aggressive chemotherapy. It's even harder to believe that this started just a few weeks ago when Samuel, out of the blue, began to experience intense pain and discomfort in his legs and back. After numerous doctor's visits, Rachel and Scott finally found answers at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario where Samuel was admitted and began treatment almost immediately. While so many questions remain unanswered, it is certain that Samuel is in good hands in both body and soul. Samuel's treatment plan will have him spending 1 week at the hospital for every 3 weeks at home for at least six months. And while Samuel is as strong as they come, even the strongest among us needs to feel the love of community, God, and family. 

It is with that in mind that I ask you to support Rachel and Scott during this time of great shock and sadness.  Please visit this CaringBridge site to find out how you can help by sending them a message, saying a prayer, or, if you are able, donating your time and/or talents to help Rachel and Scott manage both home life and hospital life. 

On the Planner tab, you'll see slots to sign up for meals, lawn care assistance, and house cleaning help (all the dates and times are flexible so it's whatever works for you). On the GoFundMe page, you can donate to help cover costs related to transportation to the hospital, services such as child care, and care packages for Samuel. But if this is all too much (especially now during a pandemic...), Rachel and Scott ask for your heartfelt, sincere prayers for Samuel's speedy and complete recovery. For connecting with friends and family, Scott and Rachel prefer mail sent to their home address and video calls using What's App under Scott's profile. 

Rachel and Scott are some of the best people we all know, and each of us has been witness to their kindness, faith, and hospitality. Now it's our turn to show the love - the love we have for great friends and a beautiful boy fighting for his life.