Sam Smith Sam's Updates

First post: Aug 22, 2020 Latest post: Nov 28, 2020
Sam was helping a friend move when he was laid low with acute, necratizing pancreatitis , so he is being treated 600 miles from his home and family, in St. Louis. After 28 days on a ventilator, Sam is in  a regular wing, now waiting to be transferred to a Physical Rehab hospital in the Twin Cities area.

We are so very grateful for the support Sam is receiving on his GoFundMe page (see "Ways to Help - donations  to 'Caring Bridge' itself go directly to fund that organization, not to Sam). Donations to Go Fund ME will go toward the cost of treatment and transporting him home, where friends and family can surround him with the help he’ll need during his recovery.   Our time here in St. Louis has been at turns surreal, terrifying and anxious - every scenario for a parent's worst nightmare. Today we can say those dark days are behind us. Ahead of us, Sam in particular has a long road to healing. All the good wishes, outpourings of love and support have meant everything to us.

We feel the love.  Keep it coming.   

Sarah and Woody