Sally Heckathorn

First post: Aug 21, 2021 Latest post: May 24, 2022
My unwanted journey began on August 6th.  My abdominal pain was unbearable and went in for a CT scan.  At around 4:30pm, my doctor quickly went over the scan and told me that he had already reached out to an oncologist, Dr. Amy Cooper.  As I drove over there, I just keep thinking, what/how did this adnominal pain turn into a cancer diagnosis? After I met with the oncologist, we agreed to do a scheduled surgery on 8/11.  On initial review, we just thought this was ovarian cancer.  Her team would be able to better assess the mass for a scheduled surgery instead of an emergency one. 

During the surgery on 8/11 my husband Kevin received a call from Dr. Cooper's team to inform and ask permission to also remove a section of my colon.  The colon cancer had spread to my left ovary. With that, here I am today, stage IV colon cancer fighter.  I have the pathology report from Dr. Cooper's office.  Based on the information I have received from St. Luke's Cancer Institute, the colon cancer biopsy may take a bit more and why we have not received that report.

With the current information that we have, we have a meeting with Dr. Dan Zuckerman, a medical oncologist/hematologist  to review my next treatment plan on 8/25.  At this time, I do know that an aggressive chemotherapy plan will be needed.  I’ve also reached out to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a second opinion. I also found out that Dr. Zuckerman is able to take my case before a tumor board for any additional treatment options within the oncology community.  I’m finding hope wherever I can.   When I heal from my surgeries, the doctor is able to begin additional treatment plans.

So I am hopeful.  Thank you all for cards, words of encouragement, and prayers.  It means a lot to me and our family. Thank you for all the sunflower themed cards and flowers.  It's as if you knew fall is my favorite season and and sunflowers remind of happy fall. 😍