Sallie Bellicot

First post: Apr 29, 2019 Latest post: Feb 8, 2021

Sallie's journey started with a lump she initially found while 20 weeks pregnant with Grace. An ultrasound was performed of the lump (mammograms are a challenge while pregnant) and they thought the lump was normal. 6 months later they looked at the lump again after Sallie felt it was larger. The unfortunate truth was revealed, breast cancer. The cancer was quickly found in her lymph nodes and Ken requested a PET scan which then revealed the cancer was in her lungs. How can this be? She doesn't have cancer of any kind in her family and this question resonated with us for some time before acceptance. The pathology of her cancer is triple negative which simply said means her breast cancer is particularly evil. The Oncologist at the Mayo Clinic gave her 25 months of life and a 5% chance for cure. Those numbers took our breath away but we aren't going to accept them. She will fight and we will storm the heavens with our prayers!!

Sallie, Ken and their three girls (Sophia 8y/o, Evelyn 6y/o and Grace 2months) will need our support! We ask that you help redirect them when negativity tries to sneak in, share your thoughts and prayers continually and give them big hugs when you see them!! Thank you for coming together, showing support, and sharing your words of hope and encouragement. We will do our best to keep you all updated on her fight to kick cancers a$$.