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First post: Aug 16, 2021 Latest post: Oct 22, 2022
Welcome to our Caring Bridge website, we will be using it to keep family and friends updated in one place.

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Dear family and friends❤️,

Five years ago, I began struggling to breathe.

It’s a long story, but at the end of it I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. I have been seen by most of the top (if not all) cardiologists and pulmonologists in New York City, receiving the best medications, procedures, and treatments available to my knowledge. Unfortunately, as time passes my situation has deteriorated to the point where in March, I was placed on the transplant list for a double lung transplant. After many conversations, multiple tests and doctors’ visits I was moved up last week to the top 10 list at Presbyterian - Columbia Hospital in NYC. 

In some strange way I am actually lucky, it’s pretty difficult to qualify for the transplant list, let alone make it to top 10! I have had a lot of time over the years to reflect on life, wonder if I did enough for my family, did I take advantage of the world around me, did I visit enough places, did I "stop and smell the roses", did I hug and kiss my kids enough, did I hold my wife's hand long enough, did I fulfill my bucket list? These questions that come to mind as I face this disease that seemed to literally come out of nowhere.

I cannot lie, in the beginning it was very depressing, to go from being very active and healthy to in the hospital having an emergency lung biopsy. I have always been a hard worker, focusing on getting it all done, clearly not prioritizing life the way I should have been. As my physical capabilities started to slow down, I realized I should have been doing more living with my family instead of surviving. Right now, I'm at a pivotal crossroad as the time comes for me to have lifesaving surgery. I do not doubt at all that I will recover, with the love and support of my family and friends around me. I have no doubts that I will make it to the other side, stronger and healthier than ever.

During this transition, I will undoubtedly need everyone's support.

As a stubborn Taurus, I freely and willingly concede that I will need help from everyone to assist me across the line to health, and to start anew. The months from transplant to recovery are said to be the hardest period of time. I am counting on family, loved ones, and friends for support. This page will help to keep everyone updated on my situation, along with opportunities for those near and far to support us through this challenging time.

We appreciate your  prayers, support and words of hope and encouragement. 

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,
Sacha Larosiliere