Ryder Wilson

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40 weeks of pregnancy and no mother thinks about there new child fighting for there little life in the NICU. infact I remember telling Ryder " You know son, if you'd just come out I promise ill spoil you, kiss your face, eat your toes hold your little body against my own." you dream about showing off your baby. It was a scheduled c section and as they hold my beautiful boy over the curtain and the water dripping out of his mouth I could see something wasnt right. I reached for him only for him to disapear behind the long blue curtain that has now become an obstacle. I could hear him crying at first it was small spurts then i heard it, this blood curdwling scream. My concerns grew into mountains. paralyzed yet still a lioness " whats arong with him" I demanded answer and my tone of voice was intentional i command to know now. " They said that during a c section the birth canal usually helps baby push out the rest of the water in there lungs he is struggling to breath so we are going to take him down to NICU to see if he improves. I looked at Hiedi and asked her to follow him. Bless her soul she did.They sew me up then wheel me to recovery and immediatly I try to start kicking around gaining the feeling in my legs as im asking " can i go see my son?" "NO" "NO?" " what do you mean no?" "itll take you a few hours to recover you have to be able to stand up" I of course didnt understand they wheeled me here why couldnt they wheel me to NICU I panick I concentrate harder, move kim I keep kicking and i start making slight movements I kick and kick and kick. I asked them "how long?" every one had so many different answers, one said 2 hours then the next said 6 then 8. oh no way, i thought i just need to stand right? when i tell you i was standing within that hour, I was. I called in the nurse to say "im standing where is NICU" my frusteration grew as more excuses came sitting me down lets see if there is any dizzines i sit on the bed and as soon as she left the room to collect the ice water i dragged myself to a wheelchair. I opened the door to a few nurses asking me" where are you going?" "WHERE DO U THINK?" I thought. With my program Director right behind me pushing me to him. I cant help but feel like this lady has been nothing less then an angel in disguise."I'm headed to the NICU to see my son." I say. Heidi pushes me down to the NICU I go in wash my hands for the 20 seconds they directed me to. Then head back to the back of the NICU where he is. So far he is still having a hard time breathing but not look too bad he's got an oxygen hose around his nose and is laying there in a diaper. I brought him some stuff a blanket some personal clothes his pacifier with an elephant connected to it and they tell me he cannot have any of it because he's not disinfectant that they will provide everything for him. So I asked if I can hold him and they put him in my arms and less than 10 minutes I've gotten to hold my son who is now 5 days old and in that less than 10 minutes his health digressed quickly oxygen levels lower and lower breathing faster and faster I can see that the skin on his rib cage was pulling underneath his lungs because his lungs could not catch the oxygen it looked like his of his lungs or his rib cage was broken I set him down so they can help him then he went from an oxygen hose to a CPAP. Then to IVs in his arm then to IV catheters in his belly button and then breathing tubes down his throat and none of this was helping him improve ultrasounds of his heart X-rays of his chest they went from telling me they were still amniotic fluids in his lungs to telling me that he had premature lungs at 37 weeks even though that I was hit by a truck I was given a shot of steroid that was to help him mature all of that faster in case I had him since I was having a miscarriage at that time only months before. It seemed as if nobody really knew what was going on it was later than decided that he was going to be life flighty to valley State hospital for higher care praise the Lord. I signed the paperwork to approve his helicopter ride praying for only knowledge of what was wrong with him and for better care for him I was told that they would bring nino gas which was something that only that hospital had carried with them on the helicopter they would try to stabilize him there at Kern medical then transport him over to Madera valley State children's hospital. Praise God for keepers of the cross Heidi was able to get a hold of my case management Khristina who came and picked me up from Kern medical and drove me all the way to Madera that night and I made it there 20 minutes after he did that's pretty good timing. This point everything is being worked out kind of blindly dates for God things worked out was able to get a room since then my son has been slowly improving.
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