Ryden Caraballo

First post: Sep 23, 2022 Latest post: Sep 24, 2022
Ryden's Story 💜

Ry's first year was rough. He was born with Clubbed Feet, and was in casts from toes to hips. With the casts, he wore a hip harness for hip dysplasia. He was unable to keep his milk down and was hospitalized for Failure to Thrive. He had severe dermatitis all over his body, and has a Global Delay in his development.

He has gone through test after test to get a diagnosis, to no avail. We looked at Autism, Chrone's, brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Icthyosis, Muscular Dystrophy, and is currently awaiting genetic testing to rule out Distal Chromosome Deletion.

Ry is now 2 years old and cannot walk or talk yet. He is currently in physical therapy and speech therapy. Though he remains a happy child, he has a lot of trouble calming down when he's upset and does not sleep well at night, waking up screaming multiple times each night.

We hope to get this bed to make his life just a little bit easier. Being able to sleep through the night could help with his development and being able to calm himself down could be a life changer for him and us.

We are so grateful for any and all help that we can get towards getting his new Sensory Bed. Thank you to everyone who had donated so far and thank you for sharing Ry's story. We are so grateful 💜