Ryan Walsh

First post: Aug 4, 2021 Latest post: Aug 3, 2022

Early Tuesday morning, Ryan and 3 friends were in a very serious car accident here in Newark, DE. Ryan was a back passenger next to one of his best friends, Ben. They were on Country Club Drive in Fairfield when their car veered off the road, skidded across a yard and up an embankment before going airborne and striking a tree 15 feet in the air. Ryan and his friends were taken by ambulance to the hospital but Ben was transported by life flight.

The kids in the front were injured but luckily their injuries are not life-threatening.  Unfortunately, Ben and Ryan weren't as lucky and are in the ICU at Christiana Hospital. His buddy, Ben, is battling a ton of broken ribs and internal injuries. He is intubated and resting most of his early days to give his body time to calm down. Ben is a strong kid and there have been plenty of early signs that show he is going to come back from this mess soon! I must say that although this whole experience has truly been a nightmare for us all and we wish that none of us were in it, the comfort we have felt living through it all with Ben's parents and family right next to us is beyond explicable. They went from friends to family in the blink of an eye!

Ryan has a severe traumatic brain injury, a blood clot in his lung, a few broken bones in his neck and back (nothing that would require surgery). He has double pneumonia which is common in people on a ventilator.  He is on antibiotics for that as well as an anti-seizure medication.   The doctors are hopeful and say that both boys are fighters, which will serve them well.