Ryan Smith

First post: Aug 16, 2022 Latest post: Oct 5, 2023

Ryan is a great guy. He's a devoted father, loving husband and the best friend you could wish for. He's a lieutenant with the Stillwater Fire Department and he works for Homeland Security and Emergency Management with the State of Minnesota. He represents the State of Minnesota in coordinating federal relief for disasters all over the state.

Ryan is currently in the ICU at Regions Hospital. Neurologists and Infectious Disease Specialists are speculating that he contracted a virus while traveling for work the week of July 18th. The virus started to attack his body, specifically his face and throat. Disabling him from being able to speak or breath. Ryan was placed in the ICU on 7/28/2022 and put on a ventilator. He now has a PEG feeding tube and they removed him from intubation. They have placed a tracheotomy tube in to keep him connected to the ventilator for breathing. He was diagnosed with  Guillain-Barre syndrome, but a very rare form  that only affects one in a million people who have Guillain-Barre syndrome. We are hopeful for a full recovery, but it is going to be a very big mountain to climb, requiring an extensive amount of long term care. .

Here is a link for their GoFundMe. Please donate if you can!