Ryan Hanestad

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am raising money for my husband Ryan's medical bills. He is 31 years young and kicking his cancer to the curb!

The end of January, Ryan went in because he had found a lump in the left side of his neck that he could physically feel. He went in for blood work and then the ultrasound; as expected there was a mass on his thyroid in that spot. They also found another mass on his thyroid on the right side of his neck that we had no clue about. From the looks of the ultrasound they put one down as TI-RAD 4 and the other 5.
**If you don't know what TI-RAD 1-5 is, it is a score on which doctors use to classify thyroid nodules likelihood of malignancy by the number of suspicious and abnormal features of the mass in ultrasound. **
At that time all we knew was the masses were very likely to both be malignant from the looks of them.
The blood work came back, which gave some good news; his white and red blood cell count was normal and it hadn't spread to his lymph nodes. We were told it is slow growing, that he caught it early, and there is no red flags that the cancer has spread. THANKFULLY.
Beginning of February, I brought him into the doctor and he had a biopsy done. It was very painful during and after, but he got through it like a warrior. We got the results back a few days later. The right mass was benign and they said they most likely would not be taking it out due to wanting to preserve as much of his thyroid as possible and since it seems to be causing no harm at this time.
The left mass was malignant and was identified as most likely being papillary thyroid cancer.
They did a partial thyroidectomy on 3/25 and removed the left half. They sent his thyroid to be dissected and examined to see where the cancer was and how much it has spread throughout. After they confirmed it being cancer, they told us that the right side had to be removed too in order for radiation to be effective. He had surgery to complete the entire thyroidectomy on 4/5. He started a thyroid hormone pill this morning that he will have to take his entire lifetime.
The ten year survival rate for this type of thyroid cancer in 90% We have so much faith that Ryan will one day be told he is cancer free, and that everything will work out in his favor.

When we found out it could be cancer, Ryan was wreaked. Having gotten sober from hard drugs back in 2019, he felt as if he had just begun his life, the life he was meant to live. He's been healing himself, trying to rekindle with his son, and being the best person he can be. He is such a kind and respectful soul, he would give the shirt off his back for the people he loves. One day everything felt solid for him, everything felt on track and so hopeful... and then the next he was being told he most likely has cancer, his reality completely shifted.. it was like an earthquake, shaking his world and his faith.
At that point we didn't know much, which made it even worse. Ryan deserves to live and thrive and overcome this. He is only 31 and he has already faced so much in his lifetime.

We have started receiving bills for all the appointments he has had to have, the pain medications and hormone pills have not been free, and now we are nervously awaiting the bill for the two surgeries. We will do anything and everything he needs for treatment no matter the cost.
We are both laid off for the time being; Ryan will be fully recovered from surgery in a month and we will both be going back to work in May. We are barely scraping by as is with the bills we have, we go weeks without buying groceries and now we have the hospital bills that must be paid. He still has appointments and radiation and followups to do. Him and I have so much stress on our plate, so I would really appreciate anyone that could spare a dollar, or five, or ten; anything helps and adds up.
I put a goal of 5,000 to start. I know we will be paying a lot more than that altogether and I am not expecting to raise enough money to pay it all off, we are just reaching out for help to get started since we don't have the money to and won't be able to significantly pay them for months by ourselves.

If you can't donate, we would appreciate if you shared this with your friends.

We have gotten so much love from the people in our lives and so much support. The kind words and messages that have been received have filled our hearts and our lives with hope for the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.