Ryan Davis

First post: Nov 29, 2018 Latest post: Jun 19, 2019
On Monday, November 26, 2018 Ryan's arm, just above his elbow, was pulled into a salt auger while at work. 911 was called, his co-workers began to cut him out of the auger while EMTs arrived on the scene. Ryan was lucid and awake the entire time. As EMTs evaluated his injuries they opted to transport him to Froedtert via flight for life. The initial prognosis from EMTs and surgeons initially was that his arm would most likely be amputated.

Once at Froedtert he went into surgery almost immediately, around 12:45pm. About halfway through his 6+ hour surgery, Dr. Hoben called us to let us know they were able to get blood flow back into his hand/fingers to avoid amputation. He finally got out of surgery around 7pm and we finally got in to see him around 11:30 that night. His injuries included; fractures to both bones in his right arm (plates/screws on both to fix), severed radial nerve, lots of damaged tendons, muscle and skin, thumb mangled, elbow fracture, among others. Dr. Hoben, Ryan's lead surgeon, said his arm was essentially hanging on by a few intact tendons (luckily, the best ones). So, we were told to be prepared for a long road of surgeries and therapy over the months ahead.

All in all, Ryan is in good spirits and is extremely elated that they were able to save his arm. He has had TONS of visitors and he is so appreciative of the out pour of love, support and prayers he has received from all of his friends and family. I know he (and all of his friends and family) would want to give a special thank you to all of the amazing doctors, nurses and staff that have been so wonderful AND successful in his care throughout this entire ordeal thus far.