Ruth Williams Ruth Williams Fight

First post: Sep 10, 2020 Latest post: Oct 26, 2020
It all begins with a headache that continues for 2 weeks and won't subside in April 2018. 
Ruth had been missing a few doses of Blood pressure medications and we, ( Carol, Rhonda, Chris, and Marie) were worried about a Stroke or Aneurysm. We suggested Ruth go to Urgent Care. While discussing her care, Ruth fought for a CT.  Unfortunately, the CT revealed a growth near the back of her skull with projections into her right eye and right sinus. 
The ride began.........
Medical appointments, multiple labs, Oncology Appointments, PET Scans, MRI's, Oral Chemotherapy(multiple rounds), more labs, more Chemo. Then COVID!
Stem Cell Transplant should have happened within the 1st year, but Ruth was not sure about doing as the statistics are not a guarantee. Mayo Clinic Consult........10 week committment in Rochester. Not sure? U of M Consult, going to the U daily seemed more reasonable. Can stay at home. 
Now we begin the process.