Ruth Rysta Ruth Rysta

Ruthie has been in the hospital since the end of April dealing with a multitude of issues, including Stage 4 lung cancer, a tumor in her brain that was removed, re-learning how to use her left arm and leg after brain surgery, doing lots of PT/OT and speech therapy. During this time, she has been so strong in her determination to get better to be able to go and live in a little apartment of her own. Unfortunately, due to many medical issues, things have changed dramatically in the last two weeks.

Today, Ruthie is going to her family home in Morningside tomorrow with the support of Hospice.

There will be a CNA who will be with her 24 hours a day, but we are asking for some help in sitting with her.

By signing up for a shift to sit with Ruthie, there are some things to know:

*During the time you are with Ruth, please bring a book or a task that you can work on quietly. This is a time to sit with her and just be in her presence. She will know you are there without having to say a thing.
*Ruth has mrsa staph. When you sit with her, you will be asked to wear a mask when you are close to her.
*The CNA on duty will take care of anything that would be needed to do with Ruth - this could include suctioning goop from her mouth, changing her, keeping her clean, etc.

When you arrive at the house, please come through the back door. If you bring food with you, you are more than welcome to put it in the fridge.

If you have any concerns or need to talk to someone in the family while you are there, please call XXX.