Ruth Mathis

First post: Jul 16, 2018 Latest post: Jul 24, 2018
Thank you for following our Nanny’s  journey. We are thankful for all of your prayers and invite you to share encouragement through this site to Nanny. On  January 11,  2018, we were meeting for our weekly dinner with all the family at the Flounder. Ruth had not been feeling well that week with fatigue and had lost around 20lbs in a short time. When she arrived that evening we noticed immediately that she was severely jaundice. After a long night in the ER, a CT scan confirmed a tumor on her pancreas.   Thankfully, she was a candidate for a extensive surgery to remove part of her pancreas that contained the cancer cells. On February 8th, Ruth successfully had the Whipple Procedure and started her long recovery.  A few months later, she started chemotherapy to decrease the chances of the cancer cells returning. Chemo was tough on Nanny Ruth, as it is many people, she lost even more weight and battled blood sugar, fatigue, and many other side effects. On July 7, 2018, Nanny had a stroke that affected her swallowing and speech. 
Through this life, I’ve learned so many lessons that apply to life from Ruth. She is such a brave, strong lady.  Loyal to her family and friends, faithful to her husband of 57 years, Raymond, and to her church, BSFBC. She is loved and admired by so many and we can feel the prayers of His people for Ruth. 

We believe strongly in the power of prayer and the ability of Jesus to heal our Nanny Ruth and stop the suffering. We are asking others to join us on this journey and fervently pray for our Nanny. The road is long and unbelievably hard for her.  Please pray as she recovers from the stroke, pray for strength for her and patience (for those of you that know Nanny, you know she likes to go, go, go), pray for wisdom for the doctors as they decide how to proceed, and pray for all of her family- we are believing in the Lord and His Plan, pray that we keep the faith and continue to fight along side Nanny.  We will post updates in the journal and invite you to write her messages of love and encouragement for her as she continues to recover. 

Thank you all!