Ruth Lindberg

First post: Oct 15, 2013 Latest post: May 29, 2020
As of December 2015, I have moved my writing to ( This site will remain online, but I will no longer post regularly here on Caring Bridge. Thank you so much for your support throughout this trial!

In mid-October of 2013, I began to have some mild abdominal pain.  After three days of gradually worsening symptoms, the pain became severe.  My husband Doug took me to the emergency room, and I was found to have masses and enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen via ultrasound and CT scan.  Within days we found out that I had cancer.  After numerous types of scans, several biopsies, and scores of tests, my doctors were not able to tell what type of cancer I had.  All they could say with certainty was that I had cancer, that it was aggressive and growing quickly, and was in Stage IV.  I needed to start chemo right away.  My husband Doug and I started this Caring Bridge journal as a way to keep our friends and family informed.  Thousands of people, day and night, all over the globe were crying out to God on our behalf.

After two rounds of chemo, a repeat CT scan was done in early December 2013 which showed NO evidence of the masses and enlarged lymph nodes seen previously!  We were amazed by our God, not only by His power but also by His goodness and love.  Because of the aggressive nature of the cancer that I had, I continued on with a long, intense regimen of chemotherapy which was completed in August of 2014.  We were more than ready to put cancer behind us, but a couple months later I was having back pain that wasn't going away.  After a thorough workup, no cause of the pain was found, but instead the imaging tests showed a mass in my womb.  Further testing revealed that I had uterine cancer, which was a shock to us and all of my physicians.  This was a completely different cancer than the one I had the year prior.  I underwent surgery in November 2014, and we rejoiced when it was found that the uterine cancer was in its very early stages, and no further treatment was needed.  I am now undergoing regular followup with my doctors, recovering from chemo and surgery, and thanking God for the gift of each breath.

This journal is a testimony to His goodness to us during a time of deep pain and suffering.